VRH - The Beast - Extent V.I.P release (EXTGVIP009) OUT NOW!!

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    The Extent Recordings group are proud to bring another release to the table, and this time round we move in with VRH -‘ The Beast EP’ and boy what a beast it really is! VRH isn’t messing around here as he delivers 2 incredibly deep, yet very heavy tracks straight from the Extent VIP Recordings camp. Here is an introduction to VRH and a write up on the track following.

    VRH BIO:

    Hailing from Split, Croatia, VRH initially got into music by playing in various metal and hardcore bands. At the age of sixteen, he got interested in music production, primarily in Hip-Hop, IDM and Dub. Eventually he discovered Drum and Bass music and started producing tunes in that genre under the name of Implant. His firsts gigs were in his hometown club, Kocka, which is where he met VJ Xplode.

    The two formed LoopJunkies, and as a team they became club residents at Kocka , doing a series of DnB parties under the name Karantena (Quarantine), and bringing international guests, such as BTK, Black Sun Empire, Danny Wheeler, Jade, Bad Company, Masheen, Allied, Loxy, Temper D, Codex, Treo and many others. LoopJunkies are also the founders of the Burning the Beach annual summer festival.

    After the release of his debut EP, Get Mad (Black Hoe Recordings) and being featured on several VA albums, VRH released what would be his first best-seller on Digital Tunes, Fuck the Funk, with Treo on Temper D Productions. The Addict EP (Wayside) followed and tracks Angry Motherfucker and Collaps appearing on another Nightmare VA compilation. His first LP, The Blue Scout, was released in 2010, featuring such artists as Identity, Treo , Recall and Kr4y.

    Unsatisfied by the lack of variety in the Drum and Bass scene, he changed his name from Implant to VRH and began experimenting, gradually showcasing his Hip-Hop, IDM and Dub roots mixed with Drum and Bass elements.
    Shortly after changing his style, VRH was quickly signed to such major labels as Architecture, Extent VIP and Alphacut. VRH also did production work for the Croatian Hip-Hop group Djecaci, on their sophomore release, Istina, which was a regional hit record.

    Today, VRH spends his time working on several projects, such as Dom Lounge – an admission free party program showcasing up-and-coming DJs and producers at Kocka , and being involved in Brazaletes Negro, a secret group of artists that will one day take over the world.

    Track description.

    Track 1- The Beast

    This track is just something else! It starts off deep in the zone with light percussion and Science Fiction pads that build up with Bongos into a crescendo and then Bammmm!!! The drop delivers you into tribal beats laced with bongos , blended with smooth sublow bass and pads that all form one incredibly piece of deep music.

    Track 2- Normandy

    This track is so fresh! Windy pad work and tricky beats keep you focussed on this beauty of a track. What with the sublow bass and dirty, hypnotic mid range pads in the main section, this is sure fire to set you deep within in the zone.

    You can find VRH on Soundloud at http://soundcloud.com/vrh

    And find the links to purchase ‘The Beast E.P’ right here at:


    The Beast EP from VRH is also available from DNBA, Right here on DOA, iTunes and many more!

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    And have a fantastic week!

    The Extent Recordings Group