VR005 - Vibration records - Insideman "Oceans one"/So:FLow "Plea"


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After a short winter break Vibration Records prepares it's flurry of releases for 2010 starting with VR005 - Inside Man's "Ocean's One" and So Flow's "Plea" - two very different tracks when played side by side, but none the less both serious players on the dance floor!

Now that Vibration Records is co owned and run by 4 partners/friends (Tobes, So Flow, Inside Man & ATP) we are pushing the label into hyper drive and 2010 will see a serious output of music - For the next 5 months we will be releasing two tracks a month, each release hitting the streets on the 5th day of every month from April to August, taking us to our grand finale for the year, a double CD "The Journey Part 2"... CD1 will be a blend of the best chill out we have and CD2 continues along the Drum & Bass vibe we have been building upon heavily over the past 12 months.

We hope you enjoy the music, massive thanks to you for all the support.

Due out April 5th at all good online stores...

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