VR003 EP - Out now !


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Thats right!!!!!

Vibration Therapy EP VR003 hits the street's today, 4 tracks smashing dancefloors and radio waves worlwide, dont miss this new installment of melodic drum and bass beats, please support the cause and get downloading today. You can purchase the EP "NOW" from most MP3 retailers but our shop of choice is Digital Tunes.

Heres what the dj's are saying!

Nookie - quality deep tunes, my fave is 'thorn'

Overfiend - 4 tracks that will make you wonder why you didn't check out these artists sooner... Perpetually at the front of my bag.

Stunna - loving this ep: "Strong, well-rounded release coming from a fine assortment of talented producers on the rise. If you're a connoisseur of finely crafted beats that work on a dancefloor, this one's for you"

Leke Aerosoul - nice ep, all da bizzle souljah, keep up da good work.

Code - Digging the 'Be Mine' track by ATP on this - a nice n easy roll out bringing some good vibes. It's the spacey sounds and a deep bassline rumble of Inside Man's 'Backspace' that's my pick of the EP though - for the mind and feet!'

You should know by now, each and every Friday we broadcast a one hour show ram jammed with the latest and forthcoming melodic DnB flavours.

So please tune in every friday 2-3pm GMT on Bassdrive.com (*theres a new popup "web player" button on the bassdrive home page)

By the way, if you have missed any of the shows they are all archived here...

Massive respects to all the Drum & Bass crew.