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moforize said:
a bit too cheezy for my taste to be honest!! tunes like these get drum n bass on the commercial scene, and in my opinion it should stay underground....
this tune isnt that bad imo, but yeah, i agree its a bit for the commercial scene, plus the commercialization started ages ago, there is no stopping it now, just hope the guys that are making good tunes will be producin them and keep bringing the funk of the underground with them. there is always the good side and bad side of the force ... :lol:

but nonetheless, i sometimes like cheese! and this prodigy remix i LIKE!

as for the release, its not long, probably the promos will hit this week or next week, but with the full release on xl recs you never know (maybe a month, maybe a year, just cross your fingers you get your hands on the promo...)
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