Voodoo Music News - with clips of forthcoming releases

Well it's not all been tribal sacrifices and rhythmic rituals here at Voodoo HQ! Raiden and Morphy have been stirring the pot until they were sure the voodoo stew was just right!

We now have a Soundcloud page where you can hear audio of all our previous releases and clips of our forthcoming releases. Check it here.

So what's up next for Voodoo?

In the coming months we shall be releasing three various artist EP's in a series entitled "Percussion Concussion".

The first in this series - Percussion Concussion EP Part 1 features tracks by Raiden, Morphy, Genotype and Ortokore across a range of different musical grooves from tribal and soca to salsa and dub!

Morphy - Black Velvet - Percussion Concussion EP Part 1

Genotype - Old Vinyl Dub - Percussion Concussion EP Part 1

Ortokore - Cannibal Dub - Percussion Concussion EP Part 1

Raiden - Manapiare - Percussion Concussion EP Part 1

Following Percussion Concussion EP Part 1 will be a release from Morphy and Nasha Experience... keep and eye on the Voodoo Facebook page for more news on that.

Yours rhythmically,
The High Priests Of Voodoo