Drum & Bass Voodocoder - The Steam EP

Schedule One Recordings are proud to present The Steam EP from Voodocoder. The label, only founded in 2012, is already starting to make waves in the underground electronic music scene, and their reputation is only set to be enhanced by the release of this EP from the talented Turkish-Bosnian duo.
The label represents innovative, forward thinking drum & bass, working in diverse soundscapes of intricate rhythms and massive basslines. This aim and ethos is reflected perfectly by Voodocoder, who, along with artists as diverse as Amon Bay, Cyclonetix and Darkhalf, are delivering the future of the music, with style, panache, soul and feeling.

Moving from tech house and techno, to ambient and then drum & bass, the Voodocoder project grew out of a shared love of bass music. Two similar yet different energies reflected very powerful vibes , allowing energy to evolve and produce different and quality sounds. Voodocoder focus on making dark and heavy yet melodic music patterns and structures involving tech sounds which shape and build frameworks. After support from KANE FM (particularly Pedigree DrumNight Show hosted by Lokken & S.Meridian), the group is ready for The Steam EP.

The title track is first off, and you better get ready for Steam. A classic-sounding intro mixes the wide-scale with the claustrophobic, as the main section drops down into an intense neuro roller complete with futuristic effects and the sharpest drums you’ll hear all year. Deep, dark and heavy, this one is instantaneously underground, and strangely optimistic. Get ready for a trip into the unknown, get ready for Steam.
The EP moves on into Insectrum, a collaboration with Psychosis. This time around, things build up more steadily, with a nagging and insistent beat rising underneath some maddening effects. The tune morphs into a simply massive sound which will destroy clubs at a moment’s notice. It’s not completely in your face however, and is built with subtlety and meaning. Background effects add into the mix, and the whole package is one of pure quality.
The best is saved for last on the Steam EP, with Paranoia showing off the essence of what Voodocoder are all about. An almost dream-like opening, complete with tribal percussion and ominous sound effects, moves down into a minimal, nervo-funk tune which takes you deep into some resonant underground chambers. Live-sounding drums are matched perfectly to a humming bassline and stuttering, shattering effects. Truly unlike anything you’ve heard before, this is Voodocoder at their strongest.

The Steam EP is due out on December 2nd as a Beatport exclusive, and then at all other digital retailers on December 16th.
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