Von D / Kulture / F-One / Jay 5ive - TWUAgency update


We've got exciting news to share over the last month we've added four amazing artists to our already talented roster.

We'll also be offered special label tours from Dubstar Records / Gangsta Boogie / 3.5 Records & Anti Social Entertainment (Details to come shortly).

It's our pleasure to announce the below artists are signed exclusively with This Way Up Artist Agency and are available now to play at your must see event.

Von D

Von D’s immense production has seen his music picked up by the dubstep scene’s number one artist Skream, securing a Von D release for his label Disfigured Dubs and with a highly regarded releases on Argon (including a hotly anticipated forthcoming album), Black Acre and Chef’s Subfreq imprint under his belt.
Not content with producing some of the scenes freshest music, Dubstep founders like Skream & Tes La Rok have dropped their own flavour on his music by remixing Von D’s tracks “Show Me” & “Truth” respectively.

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/vonddd

Full Bio & booking here - http://www.twuagency.co.uk/vond.html

F-One aka Fuze

F-one is also owner of Dubstar Records a label which is looking to change the face of dubstep as we know it and home to none other than Kromestar and latest signing Soul Sinners.

His talents don’t stop as a top producer, MC and label owner, F-one is currently touring worldwide spreading that Dubstar Boogie that we have all come to love from Dubstar records!

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/f1camp

Full Bio & booking here - http://www.twuagency.co.uk/f-one.html


Kulture started producing music in his early teens initially making Drum n Bass, Garage, Hiphop and more experimental music. Kulture started performing as a DJ and MC at various clubs, parties and outdoor events then got into dubstep; previously loving the breakbeat garage movement when a friend showed him a Random Trio show which really lead to his love for Dubstep.
Inspired by the likes of Skream, Benga, Mala and such, Kulture has worked on producing sounds that encompass all he looks for when personally listening to music, he sent his new Dubstep creations to Skream who picked up ”Diesel” & “Lost Emotions” for his label Disfigured Dubz.

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/kulture_uk

Full Bio & booking here - http://www.twuagency.co.uk/kulture.html

Jay 5ive

Jay 5ive holds down one of the hottest radio shows on air, broadcast on Rinse FM it's fast becoming one of the most listened to shows on radio. Jay 5ive has also got a number of high quality tunes and collaborations in the works which are turning a lot of heads.

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/djjayfive

Full Bio & booking here - http://www.twuagency.co.uk/jay5ive.html

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