Volt - The World's Most Precise Digital Fader.


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Volt 1.1.2

The World's Most Precise Digital Fader.​

Why accept the mediocrity that standard digital faders provide us with?

Volt sets itself apart from any other fader you've used before. Whilst remaining lightweight, simple and easy to use; the parameters available enable you to fully shape and dynamically control program material with the utmost quality. Volt employs 64 bit precision, however the majority of DAW faders use 32 bit precision and begin rounding (sometimes in 1dB increments!) past a certain threshold.

The digital faders available to us did not suffice, so we developed exceptionally smooth, hair-splitting, double precision movements. Thus proving perfect for the most minute, high resolution incremental shifts for gain-staging across a 300dB range.

For just $18, Volt can be exploited in both mixing & mastering environments. Implement the fader into your DAW template, to take advantage of the remarkable smoothness we have to offer.
Are you serious about detail?
Volt is for you. kfhkh

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