Void stalker-First Promo EP (MetalStep, Darkstep and Brakecore)


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This seems decent shit... I'm not into this whole 'death by guitar and drums overload' thing, but I can hear that you've got the style pretty well. Breaks are pretty awesome- I love the break from super hero.
Maybe it needs a bit more bass for this style? I don't think you should try it on this EP now, but on future tracks, you might want a few growls or wubs or something.
Maybe you ought to consider using pan? Did you do the whole thing in mono or stereo?

Don't bother with the names of the genres. For a start, the difference between darkstep and metalstep is so tiny that it's not worth mentioning. I've always thought that the whole 'this isn't dark metal it's doom metal' thing only exists for people to be pedantic about it. If it's good music, no-one should care what genre it is.

Apart from those minor things, good work.
Thanks for the input, yeah the Guitars and pads were in Mono, have changed them to stereo and added some stereo enhancement. My next few tracks will be a little more dnb and I'll add the wobbles etc from the start so they aren't an after thought. Thanks glad I'm heading somewhat in the right direction.