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    I use FL studio and always i wanted create dnb track with vocal. I try do tracks according to tutorial on youtube, but i would like, speak about vocal tracks here. Is there someone Who have experience?
    I would like find more information about vocals tracks and Speak about tracks here.(basics, advice,tips). How you use plugins? How correct pitch or tempo? How work vocal and melody,bass? What you use efects in mixer?..and more questions

    OK. I start ...
    I correct pitch by this tutorial

    This is my demo test

    Please, tell me whats wrong? We can show errors on this demo as example . But only about pitcher and tempo track. I want speak only about vocal. Track is without mastering and mix.

    Vocal sits to drums(i think, that yes, but i dont know 100% :( ?
    Whats pitcher?
    How do I know, when is pitcher ok?Only by ear?
    How you corrected pitcher in your tracks?
    What you use from plugins?

    Pitcher - I use newtune, where i can see note, pitch ...but I m beginner with vocals tracks, so I dont know 100%, when is pitcher Pitcher is one basic element of full process and I know more information about it. Could someone me explain in more detail?

    What you use plugins?(Please write about plugin basic info, Why did you use, for what reason, main advantages)

    Add your experience, advice, tips , tutorials etc..
    I think, that vocal track is amazing. Just know how to work with vocal. I know, that youtube is full tutorials, but lot of them is very shit. I would like add quality information here:) thanks for help:)

    Sorry for my english. It s my second language.