Virus TI and midi keyboard question

Discussion in 'Production' started by omowglio, Oct 1, 2010.

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    im sure your all getting annoyed about me keep asking questions, but one thing still bugs me....
    if a access virus TI desktop has built in sound card whats the best way for me to connect it to my midi keyboard ?

    do i connect the virus to my mac and my midi keyboard to the mac as well and run it through my daw
    or do i
    connect the keyboard directly into the virus and then my virus into my daw through the usb connectors ?

    any help much appreciated and sorry for all the questions
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    Im not sure, but I think you connect the synth to your computer with an USB and it will show up as a MIDI in/out in your system. You can then assign your midi keyboard (keep it just the way it is normally) to control a software midi out channel that in turn will control the virus. There might me some more advanced control involved with the TI since that is what I do with the 13 year old sampler.
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    Your Epic Boobs signature eases the too many questions concern considerably!! lol :not_worth

    Yep, as above, I would have thought midi keyboard the same as before. You will be able to route to the device within the sequencer. From the little I've read of the TI is it works in conjunction with a plug-in, so I would have thought it will almost be automatic setup and a few midi and audio options that were not there before.