Virtual Dj 8


VIP Junglist
Thanks for the reply's guy's...

I recently got a controller and they really are the dagz bollox. So much fun to be had. However,

So I cant get along with Serato Dj, I don't like the layout and everytime I press the cue button on the controller it makes a fuzz noise through the stereo.

Traktor 2 I cant get my controller to load as its not listed in the controller menu and I havnt got a clue how to use the controller editor. I have seen my controller being used with it though on various youtube video's.

Which brings me to VIrtual Dj 8. Really like this programme. The layout, Everything connects fine, The sound is crisp and the controller response is great.
It only lets me mix for 10min before a message pops up saying Ive got to buy the license for my controller?

I just don't get how the VirtualDJ Controller License works. If I buy the license to my controller is it a one time payment or do I have to pay for the monthly subscription? Also do I only use the controller on the laptop I buy the license from? As I have 2 comps I run Virtual Dj on and would like to run it on both but only buy the license once. Hope ive made sense, It makes sense when I read it over :Teeth: