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Manu Forti

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Mar 8, 2007
This is cool and has a lot of potential... Sounds are all great (maybe the bleep could get some work) mix down aint bad at all either (possibly a little more work needed on the width of some mid range sounds)... As much as i love my lowfreq and your doing it right i kinda prefer it to have a bit more melodic hook if theirs a lot going on drum wise like there is here. Maybe you could strip some drums or make a hook out of the drums to make this better?



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Mar 26, 2015
really like it, i think you could do with making your drums punchier especially the kick as it seems to be taken over by the baseline.
if you don't know about them already look into Side chain compression for the kick and Parallel compression for the drum buss.


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Mar 19, 2016
Thanks for all comments! Agree with both about punchier drums, especially the kick and stripping some stuff back as its too busy at times so will keep that in mind when I revisit it which will hopefully be this week/weekend. Will re-upload once changes have been made.

@MentalFrame cheers for your comment too bro.

I also noticed I posted in the wrong place so gonna repost in the track review bit...

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