Violence Presents: GRIDLOK - TRICKS EP [info+audio inside]


Tricks EP
A: “Tricks
B: “Brat
C: “Piston” (feat. KAOS)
D: “Vampire” remix

catalog #: VIO-013EP

Gridlok, master of the sleight of hand, returns as The Villain, with lucky number 13 for Violence Recordings.

“Tricks” opens the game with a flourish. The deck is fanned by a light piano figure, and the drums enter like a telltale heart, ticking, ticking. All at once, the sawing of the bass begins. When the curtain is pulled back and this dark monster of funk uncoils, the confidence job is complete, the pressure shattering. You will be taken in, as have the legions of fans and DJs who’ve joined the game, Andy C, Ed Rush, Mampi Swift, and Bryan Gee included.

Next up is the “Brat.” True to its name, this tune is sharp and biting, with slices of funk guitar and metallic drums cutting through the sneering synth work like a polished stiletto.

Enter Kaos stage left to compound the villainy on “Piston.” Opening with the menacing echoes of a collapsing machine, the pressure builds under the mechanistic weight of the drums and finds release in a ghastly, industrial-strength bass line. Dangerously huge.

Playing one final trick, Gridlok’s “Vampire” is back for a second helping. Doubling the vitality of the original, this re-lick pumps every last drop of mortal life from the faint of heart with piercing leads, pummeling drums and a bass line that heaves like the first breath of immortality. Originally a VIP mix, by popular demand, now it’s yours too.

Out July 12, 2004. for more information. to contact us.

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text by Pieter K


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Jungle Hunter
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Gridlok is the man one of my fav producers for time & he's justgrowing more & more in confidence & each production shows. Tricks is some nice layered techno riffs, with some teasing breaks strictly for the heavy heads!! :2thumbs: Also is there anyway to be able to pick up any of your older releases? Say from release 7 downwards?
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