Violence Presents: GRIDLOK and ECHO-Structure / ECHO-Rock Lock


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Nov 2, 2003


a. GRIDLOK and ECHO- "Structure"
aa. ECHO - "Rock Lock"


For the first time, Violence stable mates Gridlok and Echo yoke their talents together, delivering “Structure,” a thoroughbred winner that combines the muscular with the restrained, resulting in a track that yields unexpected surprises and a wealth of power. Stepping out of the gate, the tune unfolds cautiously, veiled in an atmospheric gauze of sampled textures. Just when the tune seems poised to settle into a steady groove, it wheels around and unleashes a furious pounding of bass, followed by a drop that shatters any remaining doubts about where it’s headed. Rife with call and response bass and drum riffs, “Structure” never loses its focus even as it changes sharply. And that’s all before the biggest change-up of all. Don’t mix out of it early.

Holding down the flip side by himself, Echo unfurls classic Violence: a thundering ride through dense thickets of breaks and bass, veneered in the dark, serrated textures that are his trademark. A frighteningly energetic roller that combines the synthetic with the sampled and the fluid with the fractured, “Rock Lock” careers towards a stunning second drop and into the bags of an incredibly broad cross section of DJs. There’s something in this one for everyone.

In stores soon. Distributed worldwide by ST Holdings LTD.
Text by Pieter K


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