Violation of My Box

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I thought the title would get your attention you perverts ha ha!!
This is a question to all of the dj's out there & also has a little rant from myself.
When I dj I like to make sure I've got all of my records sorted & know where in my box certain tunes are so you can quickly pick & choose what tunes you will drop next, & every now & then you have the odd train spotter who wants to know what tarcks you have locked away in that shiney box.
Now if someone asks me what tune I just dropped I'm quite happy to tell them as I think it's a great way to promote awareness of artists to people who may not have heard of them before, but what really annoys me is when people go through your record box & start taking all your tunes out without asking you & then begin to put them in some set order even though they either can't dj or aren't supposed to be playing that night.
I know it probably sounds petty but my records are my life I've spent thousands of pounds on collecting tracks from all over the world & watching someone pull them out of the box & sleeves like a kid with a new christmas present just really angers me!!

Anyone else feeling the same?
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you should never let anyone violate your box. the only people i let near my records are me and anyone i might be playing back to back with otherwise they're definatley overstepping the mark.


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get out the pimp-slap hand and ***POW***
I hate it when even my mates go through my boxes, just incase something isn't put back right and one of your records gets warped/bent
i dont play out so nobody violates my box . but i do get my mates fucking up my stack . i have a few of my close mates around quite a lot and we get pissed and all have a go on the decks and there always pulling my tunes out and leaving them all over the place putting them in the wrong sleeves and shit . its my own fault coz at the time im pissed and im like fuck it there only records. but the next day im thinking fucking hell look at my tunes . then i spend the next hour sorting through the fucking sleeves . :mad: