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    (Words by KidKut -

    OK received the dubs back today!


    £35 (Promotional offer usually £50 for first copy)
    One sided, 1 mm thick, transparent dub (lightweight ideal for scratching)
    New type of material able to be played as much as normal vinyl
    Free mastering
    Free postage

    The sound quality on the dubs is very good, you can check the three audio samples:

    Original MP3 320Kbps unmastered
    Mastered version
    Recording of dubplate

    If you want to see how the sound wave looked, you can download this word document here.

    I can only be full of praise for this company, they were very helpful throughout, after mastering/pressing the tracks I received a detailed email on how I could improve the sound quality further and what they had done during mastering.

    I would heartily recommend these to anyone and will be using them again.

    Web site -
    Email -

    Note: The track that was used in the review was Bad Ace Inc - Life