Vinyl4Sale(loads of rare bits)list inside


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Hey peeps just droppin in to let you guys check this out... true connisuers only!

Arcon 2- The Beckoning/Skyland(Reinforced)

Parodox- The Unspoken Divide/Conform to What(Reinforced)

Alpha Omega- Electro Cyanide/Landscapes(Reinforced)

Search Engine&Eniac- Pulse/Frontier Attack(Reinforced)

Hidden Agenda&Seven-Transmissio/Fish Eggs(Reinforced)

Code071&Gambit- Desert Rat/Razzmataz(Reinforced 2nd wave)

Solar Motion- So Bad/Get Dread(Reinforced 2nd wave)

Solar Motion- Abduct-e/D247(Reinforced 2nd wave)

K- Bad dreams/Nightstalker(Audio Couture)

Teebee&K- Arctix/Paradise(Audio Couture)

Teebee- Coming Of Shadows/Back to My Roots(Audio Couture)

Future Prophecies- Cosmic Energy/Fighting Without fighting(Subtitles)

Teebee- Fingerprints/Unknown Approach(promo copy)

Bioforge- Centron/Nightwatch(Acetate Recordings)

Crossfire- Hideout/Swordfight(1210 Recordings)

Deep Blue- The Helecoptor Tune{cfc remix}(Moving Shadow)

LTJ Bukem- Demon's Theme/Horizon_ Peshay- One And Only/Vocal Tune(FFRR)

Allude 8- Trumpets/Deep Minds(New Identity)

The Advocate- Apocalypse/Sell Your Soul(Demonic)

Dr. S. Gachet- The Forbidden Agenda Remixes parts 1&2(Audio Maze Recordings)

Coast- Shield/Refined(Pepper)

E-Sassin-Wireframe/Teebee's Total Transfromation Remix(Titanium Recordings)

Rascal&Klone- Ripcord/Tripwire (Allied Recordings)

Secret Wepon- The Show/System Exclusive(Protocol)

Dj Die- Reincarnated/Achillies Heel(Full Cycle)


Profound Noize-Cal-form/Drifting(Underfire)

D'Cruze- Importance Of Drums/Holocaust(True Playaz)

Firefox&Suvivor- Who Is It/Back Out Of Dis(Philly Blunt)

Kemal&Rob Data- Gene Sequence/Portal(Negative)

Shuriken-Cowndown Commencing/Cool,Calm,Collected(Central Intelligence promo)

Brazillian Fire Ep(Phuturo Recordings)

JL- Drummers Beat/Vision Divine(Freshchest)

Tronik100&Total Science- Reachin/B.F.M.2002(Renegade)

Sonic&Silver- Hard times/Deep End(Timeless)

Felony- Sound Chamber/Conflict(Breakbeat Culture)

Cyborg1- Shockwave/Ruffneck(Invader promo)

Roni Size&Dj Krust- It's Jazzy{felix road rmx}/Maintain{dave angel rmx}(Ultra)

Surreal&Parrameter2- Adrenalin Junkies/Serial Killa(Audio Species)

Underwolves- Under Your Sky{origin unknown rmx}(Island Blue)

Smokey Joe- Hoax/Radius(Smokers Inc)

Stormtroopers- Mirage Ep(Penny Black)

Sub,Erb n' Kaos- Battle @ The Planet/Project Five(Birth Recordings)

Electric Blue- Away/???(Precious Material promo)

Motion- Remedy/Suspense(Infared promo)

Skeptic- The Revolution/Relay(East Side promo)

Klute-(not sure, but I know it's the Suicide001 promo)

Stakka&Skynet- Pathogen/Molecular(Audio Blueprint)

Dj Sifu- Proofrock{original& Marcus Intalex and S.T. Files rmx}(Canvas)

A-Sides- Calibre/Wake Up(East Side)

Pressure Drop feat. Constantine&Marlin Fishley- Silently Bad Minded Remixes(Work)

SkeeLo-I Wish {concrete jungle rmx}(Sunshine Steet)

Echo- Adrenachrome/Plazma(???promo)

Dj Hazard- Radius/Restless(Structure)