Vinyl Touch Weekender at Global Energy 2010 19-22nd March

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    The Vinyl Touch Weekender at Global Energy 2010
    Friday 19th - Monday 22nd March 2010

    Pontin's Camber Sands Holiday Centre, New Lydd Road, Camber, Rye, TN31 7RL

    In 2009 the Global Energy Weekender touched down at Camber Sands for the very first time – a brand new concept combining Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Techno, Dub Step, Old Skool and more with loads of extra activities. Following on from the run away success of our first event, we’re proud to present the Global Energy Weekender 2010!

    6 Arenas – 3 Nights – Over 100 artists – this really is the big one! If you want to spend a whole weekend partying and taking a break from the daily routine then you need to be getting your mates together and being ready to book your chalet as soon as bookings open! Gold chalets were in demand last year and sold out quickly – don’t miss out year if you want the VIP treatment this year!

    As with last years event there will be a full programme of activities during the day as well as Global Energy Weekender TV being pumped into your chalet 24/7 so there won’t be a chance for you to get bored.

    Don’t forget you can extend your Weekender to 3 nights – for only £20 per person you get to keep your chalet until noon on Monday and get an extra rave on the Sunday Night, what could be better!

    Event Website:

    Old Skool Rave, Jungle & Breaks: Raindance meets The Vinyl Touch
    Slipmatt, Ellis Dee, Bryan G, Devious D, Twista & Faydz, Lock Up & Swifty B, Lukozade, Niki Dimensions
    MC's: Charlie B, Ice, Five Alive, Presha

    Drum & Bass - Random Concept
    Andy C, Grooverider, Hazard, Mampi Swift, Bryan G, J Majik & Wickaman, Tristan Cameron, Sigma, Triple T & Judge D, Snypa D
    MC's: Eksman, Shabba, GQ, Fearless, Fun, Harry Shotta, Trigga, Evil B, Spyda, Presha, Stunnah, Toddler

    Drum & Bass - Random Concept Academy
    Snypa D b2b Mega, Blackley b2b Dose, Blazin b2b Sublow, Ripper b2b Beni Ca$h, DJ D b2b Project One, Kosa D b2b Subsonic, Flex b2b Re-Defeat, Gladiator b2b Optix, Judokay b2b Dix-D
    MC's: Toddler, Badboy B, Johnny Ka$h, N1, Linden D, TNT, CO'd, Lady MC, Herbalist, Nasty D, Iceman

    Hardcore - Uproar
    Hixxy, Darren Styles, Gammer, Joey Riot, Seduction, Technikore, Stylus & Audiojunkie, Ramos, Nicky D
    MC's: Storm, Whizzkid, Wotsee, Rude, Static, Enemy, Keyes, Surgeon

    Freeform - Freeformation
    Gammer b2b Sharkey (Freeform to Gabbba set), Kevin Energy, Arkitech b2b Eryk Orpheus, Marc Smith, Darwin, Lost Soul
    MC's: Odyssey, Static, Obie

    Hardcore Techno - Uproar Hard
    Scorpio, Joey Riot Vs Big Worm, Marc Smith Vs Andy Vortex, Blaze, Pikey Vs Teck Nick, Devastator
    MC's: Ribbz, 1 Time, Squidgy B

    Nicky Blackmarket - Breeze - Garry K - Kevin Energy - Ramos - DJ Twista
    MC's: Charlie B - Bassman - Sharkey - Rude - Presha - Casper

    Breakbeat & Dubstep - The Vinyl Touch
    Shut Up & Dance, Swifty B, Lock Up, Equalizers, The Magnet Men, Twista & Faydz, DJ Rumble, Chug, Jnyx & Concept
    MC's: Ca$h MC, Mr Reload

    Old Skool - Raindance Vs Old Skool Til I Die
    DJ Sy, Nicky Blackmarket, Dougal, Force & Junior, Faydz & Twista, Sc@r b2b Uplift, Double G
    MC's: Charlie B, Casper, Five Alive, Junior

    Drum & Bass - Random Concept
    Hype, Friction, Goldie, Subfocus, Noisia, Taxman & Original Sin, Nicky Blackmarket, Garry K, Crystal Clear, Miss Represent
    MC's: Skibadee, Dynamite, Eksman, Bassman, IC3, Trigga, Fatman D, Presha, Herbzie, Juiceman, Krafty, Badboy B

    Drum & Bass - Random Concept Academy
    Finalists from the Aftershock & Random Concept Academy DJ & MC Competition

    Hardcore - Hardcore Til I Die
    DJ's Sy & Chris Unknown present Emily Reed Live PA, Re-Con, Dougal, Squad-E, Breeze, Scott Brown b2b Brisk, Supreme, Bubble, Clodhopper
    MC's: Whizzkid, Storm, Wotsee, Sharkey, Static, Enemy, Casper

    Hardcore Techno - The Harder They Come
    Scott Brown Vs Scorpio, Brisk Vs Producer, Re-Con Vs Tones, Andy Vortex, Addiction
    MC's: Ribbz, 1 Time, Squidgy B

    Drum & Bass - Random Concept
    UNCZ Showcase (Ruffstuff, Skibadee, Fun, Harry Shotta), Mickey Finn, Crissy Criss, DJ Ollie, Kallista + 2010 Competion Winners
    MC's: Skibadee, Eksman, Fun, Harry Shotta, IC3, Krafty

    Hardcore - Raver Baby
    Squad-E, Chris Unknown, Marc Smith, Al Storm, Kurt, Bubble + 2010 Competition Winners
    MC's: Storm, Whizzkid, Wotsee, Static, Enemy, Keyes


    Bronze: £99 (4 - 5 people)
    Silver: £115 (4 - 8 people)
    Gold: £130 (5 - 7 people)

    All prices are per person for 2 nights. For additional Sunday night room & rave, add £20 per person. There is no booking fee on web bookings - phone

    bookings incur a £5 per person booking fee.

    A £40 per person deposit secures your chalet. Once you have paid your deposit you can use EZPay to pay the balance at a time to suit you. Please see the

    event website for full terms and conditions.


    You can book online 24 hours a day at or via phone

    on 08712 377 877 (Lines open Monday - Friday 10am - 7am)

    Official Event Listings

    Vinyl Touch
    Global Energy