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Aug 14, 2007
Im looking at investing in a bookshelf type thing to store my vinyl as i have them in large crates but as im a very tall guy it is not doing me justice bending right down to dig 'em out all the time.

Ive got my main record boxes that i take out with me but i want to store the rest of them

Ive looked at several things by the likes of IKEA, John Lewis etc but i was thinking it would be a good idea to ask the DJ's on here to let me know what they have or if they have any recommendations.



Jun 17, 2007
Boston, MA
I want this one. I think they come in other sizes too...

Jul 2, 2007
got mine from deconomix a few years back
still sturdy as fuck and ive moved house aswell
think mine was the midi
cushty geezer runs it aswell
thought it was pricey at the time but if your useless with a chopsaw you cant go wrong with these
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