Vinyl rips on beatport??


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Mar 2, 2013
so im looking to get some of my favourite old dnb tunes from beatport and notice surface noise on a couple previews, is it common for them to use vinyl rips? most of the tunes ive put in a basket sound decent quality but a few sound dull in particular quite a few tracks from twisted individuals greatest hits sound dull, maybe the masters were dull with little mid and high range but i doubt it

what are are your thoughts???
well this is it, most of the tunes im looking at are old tunes i have on vinyl hence i want to get them in crisp digital format, if i can tell a tune was ripped from a record then it kinda defeats the object for me. ye it might sound a bit better than my record but its not gonna sound as good as the original source right??
tbh honest im new to the whole dvs thing and cant believe i didnt get on this sooner ive got quite a few recent tracks on 12" that came with download codes that ive only just redeemed and i gotta say listening to the digital version through the same system sounds so much more crisp and precise, im hearing things i didnt even notice from the 12" i know theres a ton of different factors to consider when compare analouge and digital but im really leaning towards digital now. back the the rip thing i was thinking also if some stuff is vinyl ripped then what about wow and flutter couldnt it potentially be a nightmare to beatmatch considering the recording bpm is not absolute and what with it being played back on a record player with serato

or is it just beatport are there better places to download older tunes??
sorry for the rant i just dont want to pay for a poor grade song if theres a better version available else where maybe??
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