Vinyl Liquid DNB mix (video inside)

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    May 18, 2014
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    CCAST009 Hope you like it people :)

    Had fun with this one and it even features a dub from myself oooooo ;)

    Tracklist below from some great labels including Flexout Audio, Critical, Soul Trader, Fokuz, Soul Deep, Influenza, Celsius, Liquid Tones & the mighty Liquid V

    Conscience - Without Sleep

    Changer:LTD - Muffin

    Enei - Save me (ft. Charli Brix)

    Saxxon - Blue Harbour

    Silence Groove - Only You

    Octo Pi - Break The Silence(Silence Groove Remix)

    J:Logic - Coming Around

    Physics - Mysterious Ways

    Surplus - Critical

    AlexTweaker - About Us

    Jesse Roth - Kiss

    Konfront Audio - If I Need You

    innaSelf - The Citadel

    Actraiser & Tremah - Tipping Point (Instrumental)

    Silence Groove - There's Delight

    Tokalosh - Empathy

    Satl & Malaky - Stronger

    Command Strange - Night Mist