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OK I need to downsize my collection due to lack of space, so Im selling lots of bits people might be interested in. If you see something you like, PM me and we can discuss prices etc. Im also willing to sell tunes in bundles, which would cost you less than buying individually. Again PM if needs be.

Here's the full list, listed alphabetically in label order:

'Moment of Weakness / Outaspace' - Zinc (White UNKNOWN002)
'Papau New Guinea' - Papau Nu Skool rmx (White PAPA001)
(^^^^ Is NOT either the Nu Tone or High Contrast remixes)
'Music Is So Wonderful' - 2002 Unknown remix (White)
'More Fire' - Rawhill Kru (U3R Promo U3R007)
(^^^^ Is the original, NOT the BC or Ram remixes)
'? / ?' - Digital/Spirit (DSLTD Promo DSLTD001)
'Lightspeed EP' - Friction (Advanced Promo ADVR006)
'White House / Picture Perfect' - Total Science (Advanced Promo ADVR009)
'Instinct remixes' - Twisted Individual/Dom & Roland (Architecture Promo ARX1414)
'She's In Your Mind (orig & rmx)' - Pressure Rise/C4C (Aspect ASP007)
'Dat Phunk / Soul On Fire' - Kaos, Karl K & Kennedy (Atlas Promo ATLAS002)
'Vizion / Hard Rain' - JB (Back2Basics B2B12068)
'This Style / Smurf' - JB (Back2Basics B2B12071)
'Wooden Bridge / Soul Phazer' - Rozwell (Beeswax BWA014)
'The Mission / Slam' - D Type (Beatz Promo BTZ008)
'Sound of da Future remix' - Zinc (Bingo Promo BINGO009)
'In The Beginning / Ur Wave' - Silver (Bingo Promo BINGO031)
'The Prophet EP' - D Kay, Facs & Scythe (Biotic Promo BIOTIC007)
'Undercurrent / Airpocket rmx' - Stare & Phibbs (Blindside BLINDSIDE001)
'Soulshine / Murda' - Craze & Ju Ju (Cartel Promo CARTEL001)
'Feedback EP' - Mampi Swift (Charge CHRG013)
'Rebirth / Nerve' - Mampi Swift (Charge CHRG016)
'Rotation / Double Dragon' - Surge (Chronic Promo CHR025)
'Latest Release / Freeze' - Digital/Total Science (CIA Promo CIALPS2)
'Rated X EP' - Total Science (CIA CIA012)
'Wobble Inc EP' - Baron (CIA Promo CIA017)
'Autumn EP' - Various (CIA Promo CIA028)
'Meet The Creeper VIP/ Zanzibar rmx' - Baron/Total Science (CIA Ltd Promo CIALTD002)
'Pop Psychology rmx / Make Me Feel rmx' - D Kay/Friction (CIA Ltd Promo CIALTD005)
'The Freak Show / Rollin' - Falcon (Citrus Promo CITRUS014)
'Boiley / You Got It' - Heist (Co-Lab Promo COLAB003)
'Anything & Everything vol.2 EP' - Various (Commercial Suicide SUICIDE006)
'Smelly Fingers' - Twisted Individual (Crash Ltd Promo CRASHLTD001)
'Gave You All The Love / Ultra' - Delta & Format (Creative Source Promo CRSE033)
'Stereotype / Timezone' - Dylan & Loxy/B-Key (Cylon CYLON006)
'Inside / Reason' - Leon Switch (Defcom Promo DCOM002)
'Decade of Dread 4 - Still Standing EP' - Various (Dread Promo DREAD053)
'Soul On Fire / Andromeda' - SKC/Kiko (DSCI4 Promo DSCI4LP003)
'Ringside / Pursuit' - Silent Witness (DSCI4 Promo DSCI4012)
'Looking For Us / Let It Roll' - Distorted Minds (D-Style Promo DSR002)
'Tear VIP / 101 Beatz' - A-Sides (Eastside EAST049)
'Make Noise remixes' - Clipz & Plus One (Emcee Promo EMCEE013)
'Cuban Links rmx / Tripods' - Fresh/Cybin (Emcee Promo EMCEE014)
'Sucker / Promises' - Sketch & Kode/Rascal & Klone (Emotif Promo EMF2050)
'Modern World Melody / Loose Talk' - Q Project (Fix Promo FIX005)
'Hazard / Seriously' - Visionary (Flex Promo FLEX36)
"Lazor Razor / Kilo" - Bassline Smith & Drumsound (Formation FORM12095)
"Magic Carpet / Camel Bite" - Twisted Individual (Formation Promo FORM12097)
(^^^ Second disc of the Tooled Up sampler, first disc is missing)
"Anger Management / Reality Check" - SS (Formation Promo FORMLP014CF4)
"November" - Twisted Individual (Months Promo MONTHS011)
"Be There 4 U rmxs" - Dylan & Robyn Chaos/Concorde Dawn (Freak Promo FREAK004)
"Inside Out / Out Of Focus" - Sappo (Frontline Promo FRONT063)
"Push It / Got It Bad" - Insiders (Frontline Promo FRONT066)
"Back To Da Boogie / Disaster" - Kamanchi (Full Cycle Promo FCY049)
"The Decision / Damn Hoover" - Temper D & K Fire (G2 G2012)
"The Sequence / Solvent" - Gridlok (Gain GAIN004)
"Jeapardy rmx / Crazy Head VIP" - Nightwalker (Gain Promo GAIN019)
"Exile / Choke Hold" - Prolix (Ganja Tek Promo GTEK001)
"Karate / Taxi" Tron aka Ray Keith (Global Thang Promo GTR12030)
"Pickpocket / Killer" - 2DB (Grid Promo GRID21)
"Flashback / Cant Let Go" - Cyantific (Hospital NHS102)
"Watch Me Now / Platinum rmx" - Ill Skillz (Ill Skillz Promo ILL003)
"Hardcore / Lisa" - Tekken (Incident Promo INCIDENT001)
"Moments of Lust / Highlights" - Marky & XRS (Innerground Promo INN002)
"T-10 / Tenth Planet" - Distorted Minds (Kaos KAOS006)
"Dogfight / Dropzone" - Cybin (Lockdown Promo LOC005)
"Time Is The Fire rmx" - A-Sides (Mac II Promo MAC011)
"Hide The Tears (orig & rmx)" - Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch (Metalheadz Promo METH056)
"Steam / The Railroad" - Concorde Dawn & The Militia (Militia Promo MILITIA002)
"No Way / Sea of Change" - SKC/Pyro (Nerve Promo NERVE008)
"Rocksteady / Fire" - Future Prophecies (Outbreak Ltd Promo OUTBLTD6)
"Salty Dub / Hush" - Red Army (Phuturo Promo PHUTURO011)
"Pack of Wolves rmxs" - Pendulum/Matrix (Ram Promo RAMM52)
"Angel rmx / Sinister rmx" - Loxy & Ink/Spirit (Razors Edge Promo RAZORS007)
"Renegade Chronicles vol.1 EP" - Various (Renegade Hardware Promo RH47)
"Hardware Chronicles vol.2 EP" - Various (Renegade Hardware Promo RH52)
"Can U Feel It rmx / Beserk" - Trace & Rymetyme/Sonic & Silver (Science Fiction SKYFI12003)
"Cybernetik / Human Error" - M Code (Sinuous Promo SIN005)
"Warp / Play On Me" - MIST (Soul:R SOULR001)
"N13 / Routine" - Dj E (Spektrum Audio SPK011)
"Tambor / Fire Alley" - Ju Ju (Subtronix TRON003)
"Grant Theft Auto / Touch Me" - Futuretech (Technique TECH017)
"Justice / Face Down" - Skyver & D Jon (Technique Promo TECH024)
"Energise / The Box" - Dillinja (Test Ltd Promo LTD001)
"Final Chapter / Raygun VIP" - Spirit (Timeless Promo TYME023)
"Snakebite / Rupture" - Dj Reality/Notorious (TOV TOV12037)
"Effortless Chic / Old School" - Baron (TOV Promo TOV55)
"Money Shot / Vision" - Nu Balance & Noetic (TOV Promo TOV59)
"Wheres Da Bass / Genestealer" - Temper D & Exile/Isotone (Tribe Promo TRIBE29)
"Dancehall Theme / Track 2 rmx" - Greg Packer/Suv (Tribe Promo TRIBE34)
"Voodoo EP" - Ghostface & Mantis (Voodoo VOODOO006)
"Rubber / Gurner" - Digital - (WC Promo WC001)
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