vinyl EP Technical Itch:immortal soul


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Feb 21, 2002
recently released "immortal soul" ep on tech itch recordings is exactly what you would expect from this master of darkness in 2K2. This time around, though, the dark tangent we are all used to Marc Caro dropping is put to the side to unleash some heavy dancefloor madness. "heaven" is my personal fave, with some hard distorted bass and old school vocal samples that keep this tune fresh. Heavy Metal changes the tone to sheer metallic madness, typical of the tech itch camp. lots of broken beats and killer samples will keep this one on the decks of the at-home dj. dreams and midi killa keep the intense, mind bending vibe going, with dreams being the more subtle of the two. definitely a must have to fill those sets with some hardcore smashers to throw in amen-heavy sets....... 8)
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