Vinyl - Chris Su - Astro-Sine / Audiophile (DSCI4 005P)


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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
DSCI4 005P

Chris Su - Astro-Sine / Audiophile

Another top notch release from the dsci4 crew.

Astro-sine - typical dsci4 stompin material, quite an effective use of atmostpheric intro + techno/acidic stabs and 'my haus is your haus' vocals workin quite well. The drop is pretty damn fine and I can see those arms flailing now to the acidic tech steppin bassline. Filtering effects on the vocals also thrown in for good measure. Not too sure bout one of the breaks with a real intense whine....apart from that its phat.

Audiophile - dark is the only word for this tune I think, this is got a real nasty rolling bassline, similar sort of riffs to some of the recent audio blueprint material with a real stompin drum pattern. wicked tune!

Pick this one up if ya like dark stuff, on promo at the moment.
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