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Jan 3, 2005
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A reminder of benefits of horizons music website - please read - any questions feel free to get in touch!

  • Currently we have 10% off STAYATHOME code promotion. This is a limited one and can be used as many times whilst in operation.
  • All customers can use code WELCOMEHZN once for 15% off - use this wisely.
  • Ontop of the above - All purchases no matter how small get cashback. You can register for rewards here
  • You get more cashback for higher cart value, the more you spend the more cashback you will obtain! £50 get 1% cashback, over £50 get 5%, over £100 get 7% and the magic figure over £200 get 9%!
  • Your credit will be on an account you will get and use this to purchase more vinyl or cds.
  • We also offer free shipping for UK and EU customers, and cheap ROW shipping.
  • We offer reserve facility, if you dont want us to send, you can reserve your vinyl and then request us to invoice you later for shipping, this allows you to build a box of vinyl and take advantage of free shipping or better rate!

Any questions please get in touch - thanks to all and stay healthy and stay safe!
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