Vinyl: Bad Company - Spacehopper / Tonight


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
Title: Spacehopper / Tonight
Artist: Bad Company
Label: Ram Records
Cat No: RAMM37

I waited quite a while for this one! As usual, once you get the choon you have been after, the need to play it dies off :(

'Spacehopper' follows in a 'Body Rock' swingbeat stylee, but still has that trademark Bad Company sound. It drops almost instantly into it's main synth riff, which builds up into the main choon with it's swingbeats. 'Spacehopper' also has some quality vocal snippets, I'm not too sure where they originate from, perhaps someone could inform me in this thread?

'Tonight' is the better side for me, fast paced breaks and metal guitar riffs are the order of the day! There has been more hype about this track than 'Spacehopper' since the official release on Ram.

To hear 'Spacehopper' and 'Tonight' be sure to check ;)
I've been told the sample in "Space Hopper" is from the movie "The Back Hole" however I rented the movie recently and only heard the sample from "Planet Dust".
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