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    Lots of amazing deals have been added here but be super quick!

    Please check ALL our listings - you may be lucky!


    Thanks for everyones purchases of the starter box.
    We will continue to sell them but the price will go up very soon..


    Today is the last day of the share to win promotion - where you
    can win a pack of TPs in april. All you need to do is share
    the Facebook pinned up post on

    or retweet this status

    extra brownie points if you do both!


    Mastered next week. Our TP subscription i am closing tomorrow. So its a last chance to sign up and you will get ALOT of vinyl next month.
    The TP vinyl will be sent to our subscribers way in advance of everyone else.. and in some cases may not even make it online, till full release if sold out to all subscribers. So thats a heads up

    thanks again

    Neil Horizons
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