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    Commemorating the two-year launch of VTT, "Sound Anthology: Tracks From A Timeline Of Releases" (Deluxe Edition) is now available online. This album has 18 top tracks from producer Vincent T. The set is of new masters from his albums, out between 2009 and 2012. Of those include "November Six Fox Ocean", "From Here To There III: The Internal Rift [Reloaded]", "Alchemy & Octane", and a bonus track.

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    Tracklist for this album:

    01. Puzzles
    02. Shoot The Screen (Extended Mix)
    03. Coordinates (Xy Remix)
    04. 7th Chasm (Original Mix)
    05. Aqua (Original version)
    06. Dark Tuesday (Extended Mix)
    07. About A Year Ago Today
    08. Aisle Ten (H20 Remix)
    09. High End Theory
    10. Quantum (with Aggravated Measures & OB1)
    11. Coordinates
    12. Mint
    13. Sic Puppy
    14. Part Benevolent (Original Mix)
    15. Silence
    16. Ad Life
    17. Menet's Theme (Original Version Mix)
    18. Deluxe


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