Vince Grain - Roswell Eyewitness (remixes) - Out Today on AutomAte!

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    AutomAte joined forces with Sample Genie in the search for the finest up & coming talent to remix Vince Grain’s strung-out paranoia-stepper Roswell Eyewitness. The winning entries, released here, were hand-picked by an all-star line-up of judges, including Amoss, Hybris, FD, Stealth, Rido, Mikal, Maztek, Quadrant, Prolix, Inside Info & Krust!

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    Estonian Insect delivers a wide-angle, crisply-edited take on the tune, giving it an über modern and utterly fresh feel. The cold bass rips and disconcerting vibes of the original are woven cunningly around a prickly, energetic groove. As sharp as a pin.

    German duo Immersion & Cypher come with a sonically more laidback opinion on the matter. An effortless wave of immense sub pressure underwrites a cleverly-constructed sea of atmospherics that seeps perfectly into the cracks of the snappy, motive rhythm.

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