Vince Grain- Low Orbit / Behind The Curtain - Out Today on AutomAte!

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    Teutonic tunesmith Vince Grain has already stamped his mark on the AutomAte labels, debuting on the Depth of Vision Vol.1 EP with creepy alien-stepper Roswell Eyewitness and following up with solo single Nyctophilia / Drones Over Berlin on the Deep imprint. Herr Grain now returns to the green team to close out AutomAte’s year with a complementary yet contrasting brace of tunes.

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    Low Orbit is a nimble, energetic affair propelled ever-forwards by a punchy, snappy rhythm section. It manages to stay light on its feet while simultaneously supporting the weight of the digital goon’s unmistakable bass style with its über-stereo grind that circles relentlessly like our own personal mini-Hindenburg.

    The yin to Low Orbit’s yang, the flip-side is trademark Vince Grain, mixed equal parts astute cynicism and paranoid delusion. Isochronous, agitated sub-bass seeps out from between the tight, stepping beats as we take a peak Behind The Curtain at what really pulls the strings of our insidious world.

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