Drum & Bass Villem Drum & Bass Sample Pack Vol 1


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Hi All,

This past month I've been creating a sample pack for fellow producers to use in their tunes, it goes live today on my website www.villemmusic.com!


Villem presents an adventure into his studio with this stunning collection of Beats, Bass, Rhodes, FX, Pads & Synth Loops. All created with his love for all things analogue/outboard yet combining the crystal clear techniques of todays software.


Producer Feedback:

Break (Symmetry): “Villem has one of the cleanest sounds in the scene, this sample pack is of the highest quality”

Need For Mirrors (Zoltar): “Some goodness from one of the rising talents in drum and bass.
Watch out for a cheeky Villem break in the next Need For Mirrors release”

Total Science (C.I.A): “There is some really good sounds in this pack which most music producers would find useful, there is a nice varied amount of breaks and bass. Fantastic Rhodes licks and great pads. We will definitely be using some of these samples”


Here are the demo tracks I created using the sample pack:



39 Bass One Shots & Loops
47 Breakbeat & Percussion Loops
37 Fender Rhodes Chords & Fx
42 FX One Shots, Sweeps & Hits
31 Pads
23 Synth Loops

All samples in WAV format, 16bit 44Khz, edited and normalised ready for immediate use.


Equipment Used:

Roland Juno 106
Novation Supernova 2
Emu E5000 Ultra
Fender Rhodes
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo
Moog Voyager
UAD Quad
Logic 9


Some background on its creation:

I was lucky enough to have a friend let me get my hands on his Fender Rhodes, and we spent some time recording chords and licks clean and also through a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. The sound of these machines are so undeniably classic, and it was my first time playing a Rhodes. Its next on my list of studio equipment wants!

I created breaks and percussion loops from scratch ie not just old breakbeats retouched but many layers of breakbeats eq'd and compressed together to give full and unique sounds that can be used for the basis of your main break or add energy to existing breaks.

Created FX from my outboard equipment including Novation Supernova 2, Juno 106, and sound modules.

The bass section includes one hits that have been taken from the Supernova 2 then manipulated within Logic using UAD software. Also there a full bass loops and strong clean bass hits that lend themselves well to further processing created using a Moog Voyager.

The pad section have been created using the aforementioned synths, many long twisting textures that useful for building atmospherics.

Synth section includes arpeggiators, synth lines and stabs again recorded using outboard synths.


Hope you all enjoy the pack and let me know what you think of it and what I can do for next time.


Peace and happy creating, Villem


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Brought it this morning
I wish there were more sample packs like this and the emperor & centra one.

Great sounds and great price.

Just one suggestion though, if you make another pack can you put the drums used in the breaks in as single hits ?


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Will buy later on since I am currently broke. Your music has always been inspirational so this sample pack is a must. :)


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Just purchased, and looking forward to drawing some inspiration. Great stuff and great videos! Top work geezer!


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just got this, very nice pack indeed. everythings sounds so clean! If you do another, putting the keys next to the samples would be helpfull! but thats nitpicking...... sick pack


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I mean you can juts play the notes until it sounds in jey. But its nice to be ablet to know what you can work with and throw it in!


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Re: Villem Drum & Bass Sample Pack Vol 1

I bought this and although only a tenner was expecting more to be honest. The fact it has no single hits that were used in the breaks is shocking. How can you put a sample CD out with no single hits? Pretty much every sample pack has single drum hits! The Emperor sample pack had more usable content, and most importantly, single drum hits, so if you're deliberating on sample packs, then get Emperor's one because it's the same price, but better.

Can't believe a DnB producer would put out a sample pack with no single hits, big mistake, wont purchase again.

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks for the feedback and positive replies! Single hits will be in the next one ;)
How about an free addendum update with the drum hits from this pack?

If you do that then I might buy the next one, until then I'll tell people not to bother because quite frakly you messed up not putting drum hits in there, that was one of the main reasons I bought it, I thought that shit was standard in sample packs?! Not in Villem's world it seems.


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There is like 40 breaks in the pack, chop em up lazy git!

Also get all threaty with him, very uncool. The guy listened to feedback, said next one will most likely have single hits. Still you act the fool!

Pissy knickers IMO