Good evening people.
My name is Philbo but I go by the stage name of Villain.
Ive been mixing DnB since 2004 and since then have played a number of venues, gigs and festivals across the country supporting a variety of mainstream and underground acts.
I like all forms of DnB but tend to stick towards playing sinister jump-up and tech-step. You know...the type of DnB that makes your face screw up into that evil 'YEEEEEAAAAH' sort of smile? Get what I mean?
My main two influences and the acts that I tend to aspire to, and back in the day, look up to would be a) Mampi Swift and b) Adam F.

I was living down in sunny Plymouth for the first 4 1/2 years of my mixing 'career' (for lack of a better word) and moved to the New Forest in Hampshire in November 2008.

I have a number of mixes available for download on - if you would be so good as to search the download archive for 'Villain' - you'll find a couple of them there!

I also co-own a promotions company with my mate MC Fett, from down in Plymouth and am continuing to do nights under the same company name up in Southampton - you can find our facebook group if you search for 'Relentless Intent Promotions'. Ill be looking for some acts to come and play so get in touch!

Take care people - nice to be a part of this whole shindig