Vidual - Rebirth

nice bit of dubstep here... i feel the drums could be more prominant try raising the level on the kit will make the song a lot more intense
nice, some great sounds there, some of those filter movements are taaasty, agree the drums need to be bigger in the mix
Hey guys, thanks for the comments you have been a real help.
Has been signed on a pretty damn brilliant label now, and i've made an alternative mix with the kick and snare a little more prominent! Noticed it as well now, even though i have been holding on to it for 2 days, making mixdowns...

Thanks :)
I was gonna say, before I read your last post, that this tune is releasable 100% and that it needed a better mixdown but... you already knew
can't you tell names? :P
hope you use that crab for the artwork... hahaha
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