Vidual - 7


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Oct 25, 2009
like this man, going for a more sort of liquid thing?? nice rising synth in there, maybe the high part is a little over saturated but it sounds good mate... like that youve gone for a different stance from your normal tunes.

think the snare needs to go up in the mix...?? well maybe the beat in general?? not sure see wot the others saayy!!


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Oct 20, 2009
Hoy, yeah it's not just you i have the snare pretty low in the mix, did this on purpose for some reason. Thought if it has so much high end that it'll sit better being lower in the mix, but maybe i was wrong and got it too low. Need fresher ears tomorrow, to be sure.

But yep, been testing out lots of diffrent stuff from what i usually do, Downtempo... House... now liquid. All good fun thought.
Probably am advancing faster this way.
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