Video: Shy FX & T Power feat. Di - Dont Wanna Know

My mum, yes my mum likes this tune

I don't know whether I like it or not yet

It just sounds too much like 'Move your body'

pile of shyte

Loved it when I first heard it about 6 months back, but Ive heard it a LOT since then! Still like it but Im slowly gettin bored of it.

Havent heard that 'Feelin U' about so much in the last few months. Dont Wanna Know seems to have overshadowed it.
Log you're a change man!

I preferred Shake your body because it was a pretty hard tune and just sounded good whereas there's some dodgy bits in this song like the little latin trumpetty bits that just sound quite tacky but it's not all that bad. Don't think I'll buy it tho.
Has this actually been released yet? Cos its been in Radio 1's top 5 Rollers for the last couple of weeks. Or has their just been fuck loads of promos?
Don't wanna know ---------:afro:
Feeling You---------------:shake:

Didn't really like Don't Wanna Know when I first heard it but it grew on me after Global Gathering. Can't really understand the fuss about Feeling You. That one is just a bit too much cheese in my opinion.
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