Video of Suge Knight running over 2 people in broad daylight!


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erk thats depressing as hell. a dude at work who has strange adhd like tendencies with retro gaming (says he wants to clear super mario bros. blind folded, cleared round 2 on zelda 1 with just the bomb, etc.) but looks like a damn super model, said he watches decapitations whilst eating and watched that african vid when they set a family accused of witchcraft on fire (with very meagre means, they managed to set the mothers face on fire) as they tried to kick their children to death, repeatedly, and said he didnt know why.

and i think i know why.

ive said it repeatedly, ive learnt my lesson, i dont fucking press play on anything of a sort ever again, because there is no such thing as "unsee".

that being said im reading perfume now and having been a huge fan of the film i am starting to realize what a piss poor job they did at reflecting the genius of the book.
one of my most rip roaring comedies, my go-to feel-good films, and shit that i quote regularly, is american psycho.

but im starting to realize the book is going to be something altogether different.

there is no book dictating the mexican cartel torture footage, or the rebel beheadings or even a hell hammer grimoire outlining that witchcraft burning.

the last one was most likely carried out in the name of the bible. the devil always wins.


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Be innocent as fuck & get 17 trillion gunshots to the face by 80 trillion coppers whilst pinned to the floor.

Be guilty as fuck multiple murderer/drug dealer/cunt & run people over in broad daylight & receive fame & fortune.

But yeah...

Defo darkies.