Vibration Records VR007: OUT NOW : 05 June 2010

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    Vibration Records "VR007" is OUT NOW! at all good MP3 stores!

    01) Inside Man - Genetic by Design (listen)

    Inside Man starts off with minimalist beats and a subtle intro dropping right into basslines so dirty that the UN is trying to get us quarantined, this track is as deep as it gets, keeping to Vibrations unique ability of switching the vibe and keeping our sounds avant garde not sticking to one specific style, this is a late night track that will blow your sub woofers as low as they can go.

    02) So:Flow feat. Bean - Colour Of Laughter (listen)

    Paving the way with futuristic sounds backed with the sublime vocalist Bean. Pushing the melodical drum & bass boundaries and keeping to his track record of super deep drum and bass and the melodical touch which reflects his outstanding abilities with musical instruments as well as his outstanding technique in the modern studio, So:Flow demonstrates that there is no boundaries to his melodical Drum & Bass talents.

    You can listen to & purchase these tracks starting from today from all good mp3 download stores, our recomendation is digital tunes

    Thanks for your continued support. Vibration Records


    Heres some of the forthcoming releases up to August, we have even more to come, but for now remember these dates.
    • Jul 5th #VR008
    • - ATP "Lost My Way" & Inside Man "Thoughts Can Kill"
    • Aug 5th #VR009
    • - Inside Man "Deeper Love" & So:Flow "Slip"