Vibez O41 / Future Engineers/ Hobzee'' Promo 12'' Out Now''

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    Vibez O41 / Future Engineers/ Hobzee'' Promo 12'' Out Now''

    Limited edtion promo's'' OUT NOW''

    Promo date: 13/8/2007
    Release date:17/9/2007

    Distributed by: srd
    Available @ all good on & offline stores.


    Future engineers - Eden A1
    Hobzee - Revolutions AA1

    Vibez Recordings is proud to bring yet another soon to be classic piece of vinyl out to hungry DJ’s globally. This is the second collaboration of Vibes Recordings with the consistently popular Future Engineers. Vibes is also excited to introduce the young talent of Hobzee on this double A sided vinyl 12inch. This release has already received outstanding feedback due to its quality content and pure mixability. Drum and bass lovers can expect to hear these tracks mixed on 1 Xtra, Ministry of Sound Radio and to name but a few

    FUTURE ENGINEERS: EDEN (A1) VIBEZ041Admirers of the classic intricate sounds and emotions of one of drum and bass longest standing outfits won’t be disappointed here with this long awaited release. Deep bass and flying atmospherics build into a movie like epic and the world famous amen break is worked to full use, already causing a storm in most reputable dj boxes “Eden” is a classic tune in the making. The mood elevates elegantly in this expansive track and the breakdown is one you won't forget.Whispery haunting female vocals gently glide over this magical piece of quality music, which only adds to what is already, recognised as an outstanding track for mixing. This is an especially fitting piece of music for their second release on the renowned and loved drum and bass favourite, Vibez Recording.

    HOBZEE: REVOLUTIONS (AA1) VIBEZ041Hobzee's release “Revolutions” is an eloquently sparse piece of music demonstrating naturally intelligent programming. This is an exceptional composition of eclectic drum and bass which opens with airy pads creating an unforgettable aural movement. “Revolutions” progresses into a superb mix of edgy, yet elevating music. The Malcolm X vocal on this track flows seamlessly into this strikingly crafted, serene piece. Unequivocally, this track is worthy of its place in the Vibez catalogue of vinyl releases.