VIBE TEAM is looking for live DnB bands

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    My name is S and I work at VibeTeam in Estonia, Tallinn. VibeTeam (Urban Corp) is an Estonian-based promoter, Vibe Team has promoted and organized events and large-scale parties for 10 years. During this period more than 400 events have been organized and promoted.
    At present we arrange Sun Dance Music Festival ( which will take place in Tallinn 13-14 of July.
    We have in plans to arrange a Live DnB concert, to achieve this goal we need artists, we're looking for live dnb bands who would like to participate in this event.

    Please send your application and promo tracks to or
    links to your live performance would be great.
    All applications will be examined and replied ASAP.

    Sincerely yours S Katz

    Further info:
    tel +372 55 978 435