Vestax Vmc 004FX Mixer

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    The Vestax VMC-004FX is basically the VMC-004XL world standard DJ mixer, reinforced with a new built-in multi effector for DJs who want to expand their style of DJing. Stylish design, balanced XLR outputs and basic DJ functions with simple operability that matches any type of DJing.

    Vestax VMC-004FX Features:

    * Effects are assignable separately to the master section and A & B side of the crossfader. Easily selectable with the effect assign switch
    * A High-grade 24bit/96kHz Digital Sound Processor (DSP) has been applied to the VMC-004FX for better sound quality and less latency.
    * Original algorithm developed so that each effect parameter is adjustable with simple operation
    * The TAP button is used t to set the delay time and LFO rate, simply by tapping the button. The inputted tempo can be switched to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and double of the original tempo instantly with the beat select switches.
    * Push buttons applied to the cue monitor selector for speedy operation.
    * A variety of 10 inputs and 3 outputs for all kinds of sound sources.

    Normally retails for around £350

    The only reason im selling it, is because the 2ND channel is broken.
    Everything else works perfectly

    so if you only need a 2 or 3 channel mixer this will be a perfect buy for you.

    i will sell for 85 if you come and collect !!!!
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    Maybe i'm interested. Can you share some self-made pictures? I'm from Germany so i would pay the shipping. Is it the black or the silver one?