Vestax Faders ?!?!??!?!?!?!

Triple M

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Jan 1, 1970
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This os more of a buying equiery..

I own a Vestax PMC-170A, and teh crossfader is starting to do the usual crossfader type thing of being cack..
But wot i wanna know is that does one of the new PCV or PCV or PCB or wotever there called faders fit my mixer? these new faders come std on all new high end Vestax jobbers????


Yeah thats one of the downsides of Vestax mixers.... The faders go shitty after awhile. .And u have to constantly lube em up.... U should look into gettin a Stanton Sk2f.. It has a Optical Fader... so u dont have to worry bout lubing it up. hahha lubing it up.

Or if u got the cash, then get a Rane Mixer
Aren't most Rane mixers ub0r expensive??

When I do get a new mixer, i want summat that is not to OTT for a bedroom setup but is able to take a large amount of bashage. It's gotta have at least 3 channels, decent faders and good amont of outputs. Can't be a 19'' jobber, no room for those..

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