Dubstep Very Dubby Dubstep


Twidller of knobs
Oct 18, 2006
Manila, Philippines.
Hey all. Sharing my latest "completed" tune in my self imposed 1 tune a week challenge. For those of you who may be curious, I'm not starting a new tune and finsihing it every week. What I've been doing is going through that embarrassing folder every producer has on their computer (No not the midget porn folder!) I'm talking about the unfinished projects folder that I know all of you have full of half arsed ideas and 8 bar loops and forcing myself to fuckin finish them or at the very least expand them into something remotely resembling a tune. Anyway, I ran out of DnB projects that was possible to finish in a week so this week's tune is a very dubby dubstep tune. I tried to make it as dubby as possible while staying within the constraints of the dubstep genre. As always, what I find most valuable when posting it here is getting feedback on the mix. My monitoring system consists of a pair of headphones going through Sonarworks Reference so any feedback on how the mix sounds is particularly appreciated.

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