VERTICAL FUNK - new track....groovy vibes


deep in the jungle
Oct 8, 2010
Cooden Beats
some nice panning, but hat panned too far to left IMO (most noticeable in intro)

interesting combination of sounds. i like it - got that virus style mid bass lick
(i'd love to know how you are making them) but with a more funky flava going on.

there's a bit at 3.43 where the mid range bass comes in way too loud.

i would tinker with the mix, give it a bit more overall compression and
i think the kick & snare could be stronger. i would also pump that distorted break clip a bit more.

it's VERY nearly a VERY good tune IMO. some of the rolls are awesome.

hopefully that's constructive.



Nov 29, 2010
East London
yo mate...thanks a lot for the feedback, indeed very constructive! I know exactly what you mean about the hat (panning) and the loud bass thing...i did the mix on an analogue console which means no saving and going back to fix it in a second unfortunately - have to do the whole mix over again :) !
I think i'll try and do another mixdown later this week and fix up on some of the mistakes, have a look a the snare/kick levels as well etc. then i'll repost it!
Thanks again!!


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...not sure what bass lick you're referring to exactly? The one that comes in too loud at some point is made with Sculpture from logic. If it's not that one you mean, let me know and i'll tell you how i did it :)
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