Verdict - MC's Meker, Fleximus and Flyte

DJ Verdict

Mastermind Records
Yes yes this Tuesday coming will be dark.
We will be hitting all angles possible with explosive force this will not be one to miss! Trust.

The DJ Verdict will be hosting the show from 10 - 12 pm, he will be displaying an array of the latest jump up promo's not yet to be released. These are a few new tracks i will be playing, includeing; A couple of promos' from Roni Size, Friction, Technique recordings - Palomina - the bloodening and two remixs of drum sound and bass line smiths tracks, DKay, a Gridlock LP - plus many more........ i'll put more detail up.

The MC's Flyte, Mekar and Fleximus will be battleing it out. These three top quality MC's will deffinatley put on a good show.
Catch MC's Mekars interview on and also catch flyte and fleximus down at the next desire event.

So don't forget next tuesday 10 - 12 pm

You can also catch my new show every week at the same time.

Make sure you check out my website - (Leave a shout in the shout box)

Big up all the listeners that locked in last tuesday. there is also a webcam


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well big up worldfm right about now i was tuned in 8 till 11 and it was all heavy. mc fleximus andd mekar was sick all the way along side vedrdict big up :gslayer: defo get audio for 10 till 12 set killa tunes and lyrics