For Sale Verb- Jungle tech and Farcry out today!!!


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Good day Ladies and Gents,

Today we at Extent Recordings are very proud to announce the release of Verbs big single Jungle Tech/ Farcry.
Both tracks have been gaining a lot of support within the scene and it's hardly surprising as both tracks are very strong indeed!


Verb has been on the Drum & Bass circuit for nearly 20 years now as a D.J and has ventured into the world of production in the last 7 years, having worked with and around some of the most established labels and producers with releases on Renegade Hardware/Audio Decay/Deception/13 Musik and Sound Artillery and more!

Though having been quiet on the production front, Verb is now starting fresh in 2011 with a whole new approach to the scene.He has been back in the studio with a new set up and loads of new tricks up his sleeve.He has currently been working on remix work for some of the big labels alongside a whole load of new stuff including this fine release on Extent Recordings.
You can also check Verbs other work out on and also find him playing in the Horsemen room at Renegade Hardware on 25th June 2011, which is being held at Area in Vauxhall, London. Needless to say , Verb is a very accomplished DJ/ Producer and we at Extent are very proud to announce this release!

Release info:

Jungle Tech- This is pure fire! It starts immediatelly with Jungle break that roll into heavy stab patterns and fine edits. The dits are very intricate and as you go on to listen to it you can hear big changed within the track whioch keep you hookd wanting more! This is a personal favourite here at Extent and has recieved a lot of rewind chants at our gigs around the UK.
Farcry- This is just naughty, heavy and very filthy! A very welll produced track indeed, which has a very strong tech influence. It's a very mysterious track and forever changes as it plays on. the B line is very stomp worthy and has some great roaring stabs which complete the track very well. This has also been gaining support, but from the techier side of DnB and has been gaining a lot of praise so far, which is great news.
You can find this single at many, many stores online such as i Tunes, Beatport and Juno and many more, so here are a few links to get you started!