Venture Deep EP 2 [NVR075: OUT NOW!]


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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

► Venture Deep EP 2 [NVR075: OUT NOW!] ◄
4 x Deep Liquid DnB | Listen →

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NVR075: Venture Deep EP 2, is OUT NOW and available to purchase / stream from all good download stores & streaming services: Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube & more.

► (A) Skydata - Eight Clouds Quiet [NVR075: OUT NOW!]:

► (B) Dan Guidance - Something New [NVR075: OUT NOW!]:

► (C) Skydata - Soul Cirrus [NVR075: OUT NOW!]:

► (D) Dan Guidance - It's Getting Lonely [NVR075: OUT NOW!]:

► (+) Venture Deep EP 2 (Release Mix) [NVR075: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR075: Tracklisting:
(A) Skydata - Eight Clouds Quiet
(B) Dan Guidance - Something New
(C) Skydata - Soul Cirrus
(D) Dan Guidance - It's Getting Lonely

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(A) Skydata - Eight Clouds Quiet:
Venture Deep EP 2 kicks off with Eight Clouds Quiet from Nu Venture Records returning artist Skydata. Offering spine chilling and mysterious pads as the intro begins, creating true intensity and setting the tone for this composition. Multiple enhancing synths elevate the track, whilst heavy hitting drums and a tearing reese bass evolve this one further, providing direction and the dynamic energy used to create this deep and atmospheric Liquid roller.

(B) Dan Guidance - Something New:
Something New sees a welcome addition to the label with Bristol based artist Dan Guidance making his debut on Nu Venture Records. Composed around the main vocal and with a preference for more refined sounds, an analogue arpeggio is used, as a way of evoking a sense of nostalgia. Coupled with a quirky accompanying synth, a deep driving bassline and the catchy alluring female vocals, to make up the components of this distinguished Liquid Drum & Bass track.

(C) Skydata - Soul Cirrus:
For Skydata's second EP contribution he presents his soft and serene track Soul Cirrus. Taking you back to nature, with silky pads and soothing sounds from the natural world, bringing you back down to earth with delicate plucks and various layered elements. Complimented by a buoyant drum beat and powerful bass line coming into focus before the introduction of a flourishing synth chord progression.

(D) Dan Guidance - It's Getting Lonely:
Following on from Something New, Dan Guidance continues with flowing Liquid Drum & Bass centred around it's vocals, with his track It's Getting Lonely. This time using subtle keys that feature nostalgic qualities to them, as the main lead of the track, to work alongside the melancholic vibe from the vocals. Combined with a distant and emotional pad to match the sentiment of the track, which is then expertly contrasted by an extended Reese bass and sharp drums, to complete the second instalment of the Venture Deep EP series.

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