Venom Inc 002: Current Value - Bravery/Echolot (12"/digital)


The second vinyl release from Venom Inc Recordings is about to land!

A name that needs absolutley zero introduction or hype.
We proudly welcome to the label, Current Value.

Current Value - Bravery

Current Value - Echolot

Bravery smacks hard and doesnt quit untill the end, twisted and hard, just how you like it! Echolot is a step away from what you expect from Current Value, organic bass and layered percussion all blends for a fresh and exciting new twist on the classic CV sound.

Distributed by Load-Media, Available from all usual vinyl outlets from Tuesday 26th October 2009.

Pre-order from redeye or load media!

Digital versions will be available the same day from the usual outlets.

FORTHCOMING! /////////////////////////////////////////////

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Thank You To All For The Support!