Veno - Inside Out deep mix

There you go

1. Overlook - Slowroll
2. Displaced Paranormals - Thoughts of the Future
3. Loxy & Resound - Black Hole
4. Clarity - Forensics
5. Overlook - Kyoto
6. Paragon - Heirship
7. Pessimist & Arma - Canyon
8. Displaced Paranormals - Tokyo
9. Loxy & Marginal - Foundation
10. Fission & Kaiser - Apparition

The Watcha

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The atmospheric intro of Slowroll sets the scene for some dark dungeon stomps to step into the ride. Some nice high end starts to make its way in, paced nicely, whispered vocals I believe signal Thoughts Of The Future's arrival, then some disturbing bass filth does the business. Blended seamlessly & the breakdown in Thoughts Of The Future keeps the atmosphere that the first tune brought to the mix. I hear Black Hole on the horizon, easing in with its studio echo flex underneath, then there it is gently rolling the mix forward. Forensics builds up the breakdown of Black Hole a treat for the double to make an impact. Would have liked to hear the mix with Black Hole for a little longer, but thats just personal preference. Kyoto is very pleasing to hear again. Heard in a mix time ago + when I saw Overlook once & it is quality, came in a little early after the second drop of Forensics for me.

Not heard Heirship, which made for an interesting listen & bounced nicely off the back of Kyoto. Canyon brings more bounce to the mix, with some matching drums. I don't remember that tune being as good the first time I heard it, possibly with tune either side of it makes it sound a bit better :) The last 3 tunes I haven't heard either. Tokyo brings some more nasty basslines & a wickedly contrasting rolling beat to the stomp of Canyon. Mmm dark hooks & a bit tribally :) Some quality minimal flavours & notes in Foundation rolled a peach off the back of Tokyo, with Apparition bring the energy levels up a notch to round off proceedings.

A wicked mix altogether Veno. Not seen a mix of yours crop up here before & I enjoyed it. The selection was right up my street.
My latest mix might be your cup of tea. Would appreciate if you could have a listen & jot some thoughts if you like it

Well honestly I wasn't expecting such detailed review, but sure am glad I've received one :) This was an experimental mix because I usually mix tunes that are much faster, with more pace and globaly are much more different in style - more neuro and techstep. This came as an opposition to everything I've been mixing and listening so far, I became oversaturated with it over time. Thank you for this, I've always admired honest opinions either they were praise or criticism ;)

Also will have a peak at your mix and review it later.

Cheers from sunny Croatia