Vendetta - Parallel Thoughts Mix

I've finally finished recording it...
I kept the beginning how it was in the 'teaser' and I think it's the worst part, so if you don't like the beginning stick it through to the end ;)

Thanks for listening.
Euphoric & Vocal Drum & Bass mix.


Karnivool - Change [Part 1]
Spor - Hydra
Pendulum - The Tempest
Calvin Harris - I'm not Alone [Featurecast Mix]
Geneticbros - Uplifting
Sub Focus - Follow The Light
Gyromite & Subsonik - Remember [Nightbreed Remix]
Chicane - Come Back [ShockOne Remix]
The Qemists - Hurt Less
The Qemists - Fading Halo [Feat. Chantal of Invasion]
The Prototypes - Evolution [Feat. Darrison]
Camo & Krooked - You Cry
Pendulum - Watercolour
Pendulum - Witchcraft [John B Remix]
Inside Info - Perfect Crime Feat. Ruth S [Subsonik Remix]
Pendulum - Toxic Shock [Spor Remix]
L.A.O.S. - Fire On Water
Metrik - Lightspeed
Matrix & Futurebound - American Beauty VIP
Tiesto - Just Be [Subsonik Remix]
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved [Deep Focus & InContext Remix]
Spor - Overdue [Feat. Tasha Baxter]
S.P.Y - By Your Side
Seems to me that people in this forum arnt to keen on giving people feedback but indeed lap it up when people like us comment on theirs.

....So i will be doing the decent thing and commenting yours :).

Its brill mate, i agree with you on the start in some bits but other than that, it's top notch and cant fault it. Quality selection of tunes mate, just my cup of tea tbh. Good stuff.
It's never as easy to get that far than we like to think... but you will get noticed if you put enough effort in and promote yourself properly. Ideally you need to mix with people who are into the same genres as you and have connections with people, its better to become friends with people and become a part of the community rather than give out your mixes to strangers who will most likely disregard it as just another wannabe, unless you have a spunkalicious potent bassgasm of a mix comprised of more transitions than micheal jacksons face.

Alot of the music industry nowadays is based purely on sales so you have to be carefull who you let handle your music, this is another reason why its good become part of a community and devlop relationships with people.
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